Sound Files – Christmas, Spiritual & General Songs

PerformerAudio File
"Whistling Jim" by Ada Jones
"Silver Bells" by Ada Jones & Bill Murray
"Snow Deer" by Ada Jones & Bill Murray
"In The Garden" by Apollo Quartet of Boston
"Oh Helen!" by Arthur Fields
"After the Toiling Cometh Rest" by Betsy Lane Shepherd & Chorus
"Childhood" by Byron G. Harlan
"Cheer Up Cherries Will Soon Be Ripe" by Byron G. Harlan
"God Be With You Ect." by Edison Mix Quartet
"I Love to Tell The Story" by Edison Mix Quartet
"Jesus Lover of My Soul" by Edison Mixed Quartet
"When the Green Leaves Turn to Gold" by Elizabeth Spencer & Walter Van Brunt
"Calvary" by Frank Stanley
"We, All Go Home the Same Way" by Glen Ellison
"God Be With You Till We Meet Again" by Henry Burr
"Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me" by Homer Rodeheaver & Chorus
"Let the Rest of The World Go By" by Marion Evelyn Cox & Harvey Hindermyer
"Christmas, Christmas, Blessed, Blessed Day" by Metropolitan Quartet
"Beautiful Ohio" by Metropolitan Quartet
"St. John 14: & A Home On High" by Rev. M.C. Peters & Quartet
"St. John 14: & A Home On High" by Rev. M.C. Peters & Quartet
"A Little Bit Of Sunshine (From Home)" by Vernon Dalhart
"I Wish I Was a Single Girl Again." by Vernon Dalhart
"When You And I were Young Maggie" by Will Oakland & Chorus
"Christmas Echoes" by Indestructible Military Band And Peerless Quartet
"Silent Night" by Elizabeth Spencer, Harry Anthony & James F. Harrison

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