Sound Files – Instrumental Music

PerformerAudio File
"Semiramide Overture" by America Standard Orchestra
"Spirit of Independence March" by Band
"G.A.R. Patrol" by Band
"My Old Kentucky Home" by Band
"Morning, CY Barn Dance" by Band
"Southern Smiles Two - Step" by Band
"The Prettiest Little Song of All." by Bells.
"Bell Solo from the Magic Flute" by Charles Daab
"Twinkle Waltz" by Charles Daab
"Jim Lawson's Medley Of Reels" by Charles D'Amaine
"Sailor's Hornpipe Medley" by Charles D'Amaine
"Shepherd's Dance" by Charles D'Amaine
"Angel's Serenade" by Charles Schuetze
"Margie - Medley" by Della Rbbia Orchestra
"Pretty Black Eyed Susan" by Edison Military Band
"The Butterfly" by Eugene C. Rose & George Rubel
"A Dream" by Ernst Albert Couturier
"Kohala March (Instrumental Trio)" by Ford Hawaiians
"Watermelow Whispers Fox Trot" by George Hamilton Green
"Frivolity One-Step" by George Hamilton Green
"In My Tippy Canoe - Medley Waltz" by Green Bros. Novelty Band
"Hawaiian Hula Medley" by Helen Louise & Frank Ferera
"The Kiss" by IL Bacio Gialdin
"The Glow - Worm" by Imperial Marimba Band
"General Pershing March" by Imperial Marimba Band
"12th Street Rag" by Imperial Marimba Band
"When I Hear That Jazz Band Play" by Jaudas' Society Orchestra
"Dancing On The House Top" by John Lacalle's Band
"Liebesfreud" by Richard Czerwonky
"Buzzin The Bee" by Lo Chiha "Frisco''"
"The Japanese Sandman" by Max Fall's Della Robbia Orchestra
"Red Wing Potter Chorus" by N.Y. Military Band
"Pretty Dick Polka" by New York Military Band
"Amoureusr Waltz" by P. Farosini
"Kilauea-Hawallan Patrol" by Patrick Conway
"Washington Grays March" by Patrick Conway
"Attila - Praise Ye" by Sodero's Band
"Limpy IMP" by Sodero's Band
"Stars And Stripes Forever " by Sousa's Band
"I Want a Daddy" by Tuxedo Dance Orchestra
"On the Beach Medley" by Waikik Hawaiian Orchestra
"Kiss Me Again Waltz" by Waikik Hawaiian Orchestra
"Missy - Medley Fox Trot" by Widoeft's Palace Trio
"Mendelssohn's Wedding March" by Indestructible Military Band

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