The Music Makers Museum Gift Shop

A gift shop is operated  to help carry out the museum’s  mission to preserve technologies and voices from the past to inspire the future. The shop is still being developed.  Some current ideas include books, toys, t-shirts for adults and children, mugs, magnets, post cards, and Christmas ornaments.  “The Unforgettable Betty Boop” will be featured as she is discussed in the museum. For now enjoy the scent of the local area with an organic soy candle created by a local artisan.


Hillsboro Twilight Candle

An organic soy candle with the comfort of home, with the aroma of spiced oranges, hints of fir and pine and the warmth of a smoking fireplace. Sit back and relax, enjoy the warmth of our hometown. The candle is 10 oz in a clear jar.


We would like to hear your voice. What do you purchase when you go to a museum gift shop? Let us know and then revisit the shop page to see what we offer.