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About the Museum

Music Makers Museum explores the way America has recorded, listened and collected music. Our mission is to preserve and share voices and technologies from America’s musical past. These technologies range from Thomas Edison's phonograph to the modern iPod. Special programming is geared toward inspiration, education and entertainment for audiences of all ages.


Come visit the museum! The Full Grand Opening will be in Spring 2019. In the meantime, you can call starting late summer or fall of 2018 to see if we are ready for tours by appointment. While we know people are excited to see the museum, we want to create a memorable, top quality experience for our visitors.

Music Makers Museum
11885 U.S. Highway 50
Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

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How Did We Get Here?

Discover the evolution of music recording and listening from a single cylinder to the overcrowded i-Technologies. Through the exhibition discover media technologies and voices from the past that explore how Americans have listened and collected music. How Did We Get Here? exhibition will open Spring 2019. Check back for more details.